Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Poster for task 2

This is my first poster idea, i took the picture so that the model would be in the middle of the picture so the 100 could be seen easy. The image is the hierachy so that the viewer would look at the image first, see the 100 and read below to see what the model and 100 represents. The font is plain formal and black so that it stands out against the white background. The poster has all the details on that should be there. I've modified it abit on Photoshop by using the burn and dodge tool to darken some shadows and lighten a few bits of the model.

Task 2 Model

This is my Model for my poster for task 2. It's very similar to my model for task 1. I've added paper numbers to the model to symbolise the 100 years of G.F.Smiths paper company. These are different views of the model and i've zoomed in on a few.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Final Piece 2

These are some more pictures of my final model. Two of the pictures are dark so i wont be using them in my poster.

Final piece

These pictures are of my final piece taken using the Nixon DX camera. I took different angles of the model in case i decide to use a certain one for my poster in task 2.

Final at the Atrium

This is the final model at the Atrium on the banister next to the pillar, the pillar stopped the model from falling over. It would look alot nicer if the model was hanging from the roof.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Paper Cutting

 A quick little model i made while designing my posters.

 This is a mock of the final model, i've taken something out of this model for the final one.

Many angles of the mock.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


The two origami images are delicate well created masterpieces. They are amazing and seem very confusing to create, i think you would need alot of time and patience to create these. The others are simpler images of origami, i have these on here to show that you dont need to just use plain white paper you can use different colours of paper to make it more interesting.